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Rift Warrior Stats

In the following paragraphs, I’ll be talking about a few of the key Rift Warrior stats, the things they’re doing for that Warrior, and which of them you need to concentrate on.

Naturally, thing about this will rely on regardless if you are a damager dealer or perhaps a tank I’ll discuss both individually.

Primary Stats

The main stats which are helpful for Players include Skill, Strength, and Endurance.


Skill supplies a very mild bonus to physical critical hit rate but additionally increases dodge and parry. This causes it to be helpful for tanks because it increases your minimization rates.

Furthermore, the twin-carrying Paragon could find Skill to become a helpful ability because of the bonuses they get for parrying attacks and scoring critical hit.

With nevertheless, this stat isn’t as good as strength for damage-dealing (DPS) Players.


Endurance increases your max health. That’s all there’s into it. It’s a key stat (among the best) for tanking players but is just decent for DPS Players (more essential in PvP and soloing).


Strength may be the most likely the very best of the Rift Warrior stats. This stat offers both elevated physical critical hit rate and attack energy (increases the effectiveness of your attacks). Additionally, it enhances block and parry. It provides a lot more towards the Warrior than Skill.

DPS Players may wish to maximize Strength whereas Tanks may wish to maximize Endurance after which Strength.
Other Stats

Armor – For just about any tank, armor is essential. The greater armor you’ve, the less physical damage you’ll take. Armor doesn’t reduce miracle damage. Picking high-armor products like shields and-finish plate are essential for tanks but not so essential for DPS Players.

Attack Energy – Increases your physical DPS slightly. One attack energy point is the same as 1 strength point (except attack energy doesn’t provide Crit for that Warrior).

Dodge – Dodge increases the time to dodge your enemy’s attacks. This only is applicable to physical attacks.

Hit – Hit increases the time hitting with melee weapons. Required for both tanks and DPS classes unluckily missing a couple of early attacks inside a dungeon can lead you to lose threat!

Parry – Increases the time to parry a panic attack. However, observe that this stat does much more for the avoidance than dodge on the point-for-point basis. However, you don’t appear to obtain greatly from it.

Physical Crit – Increases your physical damage critical hit rate. Among the best DPS Rift Warrior stats.

Rift Warrior Stats Conclusion

The very best Rift Warrior stats will rely on which soul you play. With nevertheless, all DPS Players should concentrate on finding slow, high DPS weapons. The greater the DPS the greater in almost all cases. Next, DPS Players should concentrate on finding gear that maximizes Strength, Critical Hit striking. Endurance and Skill are great but they are secondary stats.

Like a tank, you will need to maximize Endurance. Armor, and Strength as the #1 priority. Next, get skill, dodge, and parry for further minimization. Keep in mind that Strength will improve both the effectiveness of your blocks as well as your parry percentage. I’ll go more into detail relating to this inside a later tanking guide.

An Email About Riftblades

Strength, Skill, and AP appear to help the harm of the miracle spells. As weapon damage increases the same is true your spell damage. However, this doesn’t appear to scale perfectly right now. I’m presuming scaling can get buffed later.